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About Firebird Reactive Targets Limited

Firebird launched their exciting and revolutionary detonating target in 2010, designed to give an exciting, instantaneous indication that you have hit the bullseye and shortly after its arrival on the market was awarded Best Shooting Accessory in 2013.   Firebird remain the only legal target of its kind in the world and acquired a CE Mark in 2015. When struck by a certain velocity the Firebird instantly reacts in white smoke, loud bang and a pyrotechnic effect.  It is designed to be used for clay pigeon shooting, live firing rim fire and centre rifles, and air rifles.

Firebird is also used extensively by numerous Law Enforcement Departments, SWAT teams and Military armed personnel including the Special Forces worldwide.

 To use the Firebird to its best effect please read the Safety Instructions before use and remember that it is a pyrotechnic and as such injury to a person or damage to property may be caused if these instructions are not adhered to. 

For further information please contact Firebird USA or Firebird UK.